Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cataloging Components in ALBPM

1)When registering/creating Java Libraries as part of External Resources in BPM Studio, we have two options :Versionable and Non-versionable
If we select "Versionable",then the JARS will be included in the Project Export from Studio and when the project is published and deployed into an Enterprise Environment, then these will be stored as binaries in the BPM Directory Service..The BPM Engine and Workspace applications will be pulling them and injecting into appropriate classloader...As per the configuration for the Java Libraries in the Enterprise Process Administrator,they are just there for a reference..The binding is determined at project publication time if we use "Versionable" Java Libraries..

2)On the other hand,if we use Non-Versionable Libraries for BPM Cataloging,then manually we need to include them into Process Administrator's Classpath...Most likely, these JARS wll need to be copied into Process Administrators' WEB-INF/lib directory.... and the path is, ~/albpm5.7/j2eewl/webapps/webconsole/WEB-INF/lib and then restart the BPM Server...

Basic principle to follow before you catalog BPM components in Studio is to make sure

1 )The "External Resources" does include "Versionable" libraries before publishing/deploying the BPM project to get the latest JAR files and make them run in ALBPM Enterprise Server. Right Click -> "External Resources" -> Select "Versionable" -> then do a publish/deploy project in Studio.

2) Then complete the BPM Catalog process manually from studio

Copy the Application JARS in BPM Webconsole and Portal WEB-INF/lib folder and regenerate BPM EAR to get latest versions of these files and then execute BPM cataloging from Studio using External Resources..

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