Friday, January 4, 2008

Are you an expert in UI/Middletier/Backend?

Though it has been nearly 9 years for me in Java and J2EE application development and having played diverse roles like Jr Java Programmer,Senior Developer,Team Lead & Architect, I often comes across this question posed to me and as well as my peers,whom I have worked for all these years,hmmm it goes like "Are you an expert in UI or Presentation Tier, Middle Tier or Backend"?

What makes me get puzzled by this is, posing this sort of question is like asking someone like "Does your car have 2 wheels , 3 wheels or 4 wheels"? What I mean to say is, just like a Car needs 4 wheels to run ,a seasoned Java Developer should be having hands on knowledge on all the areas ...And he should know the application he is working on.What you are developing on the UI, which middletier components/server side components , the web components are talking to and how does a simple button click affects your data....blah blah.
My opinion is this question itself absurd and those who answer it,they are either happy driving in a car with single wheel or two wheels......

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